And And And is really serious about their Rigsketball tournament: 32 teams, a waiting list, a documentary, and now a Kickstarter campaign.

While the video tells more about the tournament itself, the Kickstarter page explains what the dough is for:

We need money to get lighting for night games, gas to drive the van to and from every game (this will be a surprisingly huge cost given the number of games and how much it costs to get a van with a hoop attached to it with 2x4's from point A to point B) and we of course need to have prizes for the winners!

And in perhaps the coolest reward ever, Bim and the guys from And And And are willing to install a Rigsketball hoop on your very own car, truck or tall bike.

In case you missed it, a list of the bands participating:

Starfucker, Typhoon, And And And, The No Tomorrow Boys, Jared Mees and the Grown Children, Mannequinhead, Wampire, Guantanamo Baywatch, NURSES, SKELETRON, Aan, My Autumn’s Done Come, TxE, Monarques, Blast Majesty, Archers, Dirty Mittens, Radiation City, Sean Flinn and the Royal We, Ugly Flowers, Laura Gibson, Supermonster, Rabid Wombat, Otis Heat, Surfs Drugs, The Woolen Men, Hello Electric, Charts, Youthbitch, Rock n Roll Soldiers, Afterbath, Support Force.

The madness begins June 7th.