Here is a fancy new video for "Careful Who You Dance With," a track from Parenthetical Girls' third installment of the five-part Privilege EP series, Privilege Pt. III: Mend and Make Do. The song itself offers some very solid life advice—after a few too many close calls, I will now only dance the two-step with my grandfather—and certainly words to heed while you listen; its effervescent barrage of synths, combined with the dramatic flourishes of Zac Pennington's* Byrne-esque vocals makes for a seriously danceable 2:38.

Visually, the video showcases director Kaleb Wentzel-Fischer's original exploitation of bokeh—the terminology for blurs in photography—with the words that are streaming across the screen periodically throughout the video. You can learn a bit more about the method, courtesy of Wentzel-Fischer, in this informative clip.

*Full Disclosure Calf (standing in for Conflict of Interest Pony, who is currently on vacation from the Judging Farm) asks that I mention Pennington used to be the Mercury music editor and still freelances from time to time.