In news unrelated to music, Portland will be getting it's very own member-based design facility, ADX (417 SE 11th), come June 6th. As articulated by co-founder Eric Black; “The best way to describe ADX is that we’re a health club for design geeks," with membership rates starting at a very affordable $25 a month. It's true, be-goggled nerds; ADX boasts 10,000 square feet of space and all of the various (read: heavy, expensive) tools necessary for sawing wood, fusing steel, prototyping the world's greatest inventions, and whatever else it is that you people do. Just make sure you wipe down the industrial sewing machine when you're done and please, try not to ogle the attractive person measuring next to you.

In news related to music, clusterfolk-rock band Old Light will be headlining the facility's opening celebration on June 3rd. It appears that in addition to crafting excellent songs, frontman Garth Steel Klippert has also built some of my favorite coffee bars in town and is therefore a shoo-in this kind of thing. In fact, here is a rather convenient video of the band playing a nice tune from their debut album, The Dirty Future, in Klippert's wood shop.

The show is free (!) and all ages (!!), and runs from 6-11pm on June 3rd; according to the band's Facebook page, Old Light will play sometime in between there. There will be food and drink courtesy of Sizzle Pie and Ninkasi, as well as ample time to tour the space, pick up tools and put them down, sign waivers, etc.