SPIN Magazine, the classiest of music mags, is seeing tough times. Like a lot of publications, they are making the difficult transition from print to a digital world. The magazine has been in the all important Twitter game for awhile, an outlet as vital for survival as the advertising dollars they used to rely on. And since the folks at SPIN Magazine are so good at marketing and branding their name, a word they claim is trademarked(?), they just had to sue Portland resident, self-proclaimed cyberpunk, and fellow Twitter enthusiast Eric Rice. Rice was fool enough to adopt the word "spin" for his Twitter handle, thus stealing VERY IMPORTANT TWEETS from the company's feed. So, they've asked Rice to Cease and Desist from using the word.

They write that his Twitter account is causing a significant amount of confusion among their client's customers, who are "redirected to @SPIN" (the magazine's handle is @SPINmagazine—which is the first thing to come up if one Googles "spin twitter").

How important are these Tweets, you ask? SO IMPORTANT. Like this one.

"Wow @timesnewviking's newie Dancer Equired has scored 8/10 in @spin magazine. fair do's!"

Like I said, SO IMPORTANT. No word yet on what Rice is going to do, but I have a feeling the cyberpunk isn't going down without a fight. You can support him by following @spin right now.