Last night at Seattle's Columbia City Theater, they announced the lineup of this year's Doe Bay Fest, which takes place at the Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island in the San Juans. Doe Bay is a tiny little thing of a festival, with around 800 tickets sold—and it's also in one of the most gorgeous settings a music festival has ever been held. I went last year and it was pretty spectacular, although you could hold a three-day festival on Doe Bay with nothing but John Mayer cover bands (or worse yet, John Mayer) and it would still be special.

Thankfully, that is not the case, as this year's Doe Bay lineup is easily the best they've offered, with plenty of Portland acts to boot:

Head & the Heart
Damien Jurado
John Vanderslice
The Builders and the Butchers
Champagne Champagne
Sera Cahoone
Ravenna Woods
Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside
The Maldives
Kelli Schaefer
Frank Fairfield
Campfire OK
Cobirds Unite
Shelby Earl
OK Sweetheart
Bryan John Appleby
Mash Hall
Tea Cozies
Fly Moon Royalty
Elk & Boar
Sean Flinn
Don’t Talk to the Cops
Matt and Mike Gervais
Matt Bishop
Melodie Knight
Bet you want to go now, don't you? Too bad—tickets for the fest sold out even before they announced a single act. Not too worry: That same weekend Ezra Caraeff will be hosting the Bro Bay Fest, presented by Axe Body Spray. Well, it's not really a festival: He will be hanging outside Dirty and the Dixie Tavern for three days straight, humming Sublime's "Santeria" and smoking Parliament Lights. Tickets are still available.