We're all about riding bicycles here at the Mercury, and not just because we wrapped our Hummer around a tree and the court took away our license. That said, this year's Pedalpalooza is loaded with fun little rides for bike enthusiasts, including a ride dedicated to the huggable man from Manchester, Morrissey.

Join us on the 1st Annual Morrisey Mobile Disco Ride. Meet at Lone Fir Cemetery (where else? at the gates). First stop very nearby; not a loop; goes late. Come sporting pompadours and glasses, your best-looking suit, or British attire of any era (Victorian to Mod to Punk). Bring your mobile sound systems (weather permitting) and spirits: we'll be stopping for impromptu outdoor dancing, vegan treats, and imbibing. Gladiolus, books on Oscar Wilde, and self deprecation encouraged.

Oh noes, they spelled Morrissey wrong. Also, for some reason wouldn't a recumbent Moz-themed bicycle ride be funnier? Anyway, the Morrissey Mobile Disco Ride pedals off into sadness on Thursday, June 23 at 7pm. Bring your punctured bicycle, the one from a hillside desolate.

Alternate Moz bicycle jokes:
The boy with the thorn in his tire.
Panic on the bike lanes of London.
There is a bike light that never goes out.