Give a listen to the first track released from Fruit Bats' upcoming album, Tripper, due out August 2nd via Sub Pop. "Tangie and Ray" dons straightforward, classic rock outfitting that may very well have been borrowed from Jagger's closet—an equally wonderful and terrifying place—while maintaining a contemporary buoyancy. This careful balance is something Eric D. Johnson and his band of winged mammals damn near perfected on 2009's The Ruminant Band, and this single shows great promise for their fifth record (which, according to their blog, is "a collection of stories and thoughts on rambling, reinvention, avoidance of the apocalypse, suburban malaise, anti-Babylon back-to-the-landers, chaparral scrub, lopsided relationships, Florida beach bums, Stevie Nicks gypsy temptresses who smell like cloves, banishment from a Utopia, the attainment of enlightenment, and going home.")

Fruit Bats- "Tangie and Ray"

You can catch Fruit Bats at Pickathon this year (August 5-7), or you can go and view the less fortunate of this town's Chiropteras at the Oregon Zoo; they'll be the ones sipping Dole's pineapple juice in a plastic cave.