Loud Planes Fly Low, the new album from North Carolina's The Rosebuds, is not the brightly romantic output that has defined the group up until now. That's because it was written and re-written as Kelly Crisp and Ivan Howard, the married couple fronting the project, were slowly unraveling and gowing apart, with Crisp moving to Brooklyn and the couple filing for divorce; all events that are painstakingly documented on the new record. Listening to Loud Planes Fly Low this weekend, I was struck by the intensity the couple put forth, examining their roles and places outside of the once happy relationship.

One track in particular, "Woods," stayed with me after the somber album ended, and I thought about about sharing it, only to find the band had made it their first single and video. Directed by Alexander Ku, it's a darkly nuanced work, as powerful and moving as the music it brings forth. Enjoy, but keep the tissues close at hand. The Rosebuds will play Mississippi Studios July 8th.