• Dreamdate

From the Department of We Huffed Too Much and Totally Forgot to Write About a Good Show (it's an actual department, but we call it DOWHTMATFTWAGS for short):

Our apologies go out to Dreamdate, who is playing a free show in Portland tonight and we totally didn't write anything about it. The San Francisco twee trio (tweeo!) can warm even the coldest of hearts with a jangly indie pop sound that harkens back to the Raincoats and the group is touring in support of this year's Melody Walk LP. Even better, they are playing with Scott Alexander, the free cookie guy. Famous for sitting on an inflatable sofa in the streets of New York and handing out cookies (seriously), Alexander will be there tonight dolling out cookies (I assume) and playing music (I guess).

A free twee show with cookies! What else could you possibly want?


Dreamdate - "8 Sleeves"

Dreamdate and Scott Alexander will be at Slabtown (1033 NW 16th) tonight. 9pm, free.