Local dream pop fuss-abouts, Radiation City, have officially declared that their debut LP, The Hands That Take You, will be re-released on September 27th via Tender Loving Empire. While the musical marriage between these two is not exactly breaking news—the local imprint, known best for its vehement hatred of all things Portland, announced the signing in late May—it's nice to finally see a calendar date, as well as a release show (September 24th at the Doug Fir), on the books.

In further news that is not all that new, The Hands That Take You has possibly been stuck in the tape deck of your LeBaron for some time now. It was first brought into this world on cassette via Apes Tapes, which band members Cameron Spies (guitar/vocals) and Lizzy Ellison (vocals/keyboards) conceived in 2010. So, it's possible that because of that—as well as a handful of live performances the band has played around town—you are already familiar with their modernly gossamer interpretations of 50s pop and 60s Brazilian jazz. But surely, the prospect of listening to this fantastic record on CD and vinyl excites you, right?

...What's that? You want it on eight-track and MiniDisc, too? Well, now you're just being ridiculous.

Here is the first single:

Radiation City- "The Color of Industry"

And hooray! You can catch the band live quite a bit in the next few months:
July 14 - Portland, OR- Holocene "Into The Woods Quarterly"
July 24 - Portland, OR- PDX POP NOW! @ Refuge PDX
July 29 - Portland, OR- Doug Fir w/ Tu Fawning
Sept 24 - Portland, OR- Doug Fir (CD Release Show)