We keep telling you that the new Beck-produced Malkmus record, Mirror Traffic, promises to be a definitive return to form for the songwriter. While his solo catalog is largely underrated in the shadow of his former band, Mirror Traffic is sounding more and more like the loosey-goosey slacker album Pavement junkies have been waiting for. On lead single "Senator" we heard the Jicks sounding pretty spry, having pared the excess jams of 2008's Real Emotional Trash in favor of a more direct and relaxed approach. Now we have album opener "Tigers," a two-minute burst of '70s Brit-pop ala Nick Lowe that is chock-full of Malkthusian lyrical turns and melodies.

In other news, Malkmus and his family are leaving Portland (for a year) and relocating to Brooklyn. Looks like someone is trying to get his job back as a security guard for the Whitney. Berlin. Or Brooklyn. Or Biloxi. He is moving somewhere for a year.


Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - "Tigers"