In honor of the four anniversary of Kurt Cobain's Dr. Martens ad (The 14 year anniversary of Sweet 75's debut album? The six month anniversary of Miley Cyrus doing "Smells Like Teen Spirit"? Why are we doing this again?), SPIN Magazine's has wrangled together a wide assortment of bands for a Nevermind tribute album.

It's about damn time we pay tribute to those scrappy guys from Seattle.

While my knee jerk reaction was to despise Newermind (ugh, Newermind) based on the lazy nostalgia of it all, it's actually a pretty decent selection of covers. With the exception of Amanda Palmer's snoozy take on "Polly" and appearances from Foxy Shazam and Midnight Juggernauts, the compilation has a varied selection of bands, many of which aren't afraid to deconstruct the original material. Surfer Blood and Titus Andronicus offer earnest and accurate takes, but Charles Bradley, Butch Walker, and (surprisingly) the Meat Puppets happily stray in their respective covers. The Bradley song ("Stay Away") is barely recognizable, evidence that Cobain just might have had a career in writing bumpin' soul songs. My personal favorite? EMA torching through a the feedback of the album's noisy closing number, "Endless, Nameless."


Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band - "Stay Away"

EMA - "Endless, Nameless"

You can download Newermind for free via Spin's Facebook page.