Rye Rye
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Don't want to devastate your own personal debt ceiling by spending all your hard earned cash on Katy Perry tickets? Can't blame you. Skip the teenyboppers at the Rose Garden and hit up the much cooler after party at Branx featuring Rye Rye and DJ Skeet Skeet.

On Friday, July 22 both Rye Rye and Skeet Skeet are opening for Perry earlier in the evening, then they will move to Branx for some post-show partying starting at 9pm. Surely you know all about the bombastic Rye Rye, she's the M.I.A. protégé behind the addicting Go! Pop! Bang! LP. She even has her own line of nail polish, unlike you.

Since you really need to get out more, we're giving away three pairs of tickets to this show. Just send me an email with "Rye Rye!" in the subject line by 9am tomorrow.


Rye Rye - "Never Will Be Mine (feat. Robyn)"

If you don't win, get your tickets here.