After a six year hiatus, most of us thought we would never hear again from post-hardcore punk heroes Hot Snakes. We figured their awesome new projects Obits and Night Marchers had long since taken precedence over any Drive Like Jehu or Hot Snakes reunion.

You get where I'm going with this, right?
We were wrong.

The Hot Snakes are set to reunite in Minehead, UK this December for All Tomorrow's Parties. But will the band play any dates in America? Co-leader John Reis had this to say over at the Swami Records message board:

"yeah, im super stokified on this. so far just ATP is confirmed. we are talking about maybe doin a couple more shows before hand. not sure where but not west coast. we will be hangin on the east coast so most likely out there or in europe.i will letchu know. don't know who is playin drums. trying to figure out the scheduling and who is up for it and what makes the most sense. please do not share your thoughts or preferences on the matter. not interested in suggestions. Night Marchers shows most likely will not coincide with this trip. good times." -John Reis