End Hits recently asked guitarist Jesse Gandy of the Whines to share a tune that's important to him. He shot back with a tip on an outstanding You Tube video of Bentonian bluesman Skip James performing the murder ballad "Crow Jane." Jesse's choice is another clear indicator of the bands' deep fascination with American blues music. After his piece, you can stream the A-side of The Whines' newest 7-inch, "Shootinhead."

"I don't You Tube much but this is one I always come back to. It's nice to be able to see a video of him actually performing such a cool song. I've learned from it. From what I gather about the man, he was pretty resourceful having lived through the Depression. I understand he was a share-cropper, a boot-legger, a pimp, and one hell of a performer. It's said that John Fahey paid his outstanding medical bills to get him out of the hospital to record him in the 60's. I really dig on all the real good blues that came before the electric guitar and most of which pre-dated jazz. It's a shame that video wasn't around to capture the likes of Blind Blake or Charlie Patton. Thankfully, though, there are a few videos like this." - Jesse Gandy


The Whines - "Shootinhead"