• Autumn deWilde

EEEEEEEEEEEEE! A singer so talented they named a letter of the alphabet (and a drug) in his honor, E and his loyal band of Eels will be at the Aladdin Theater on Wednesday, August 10. Eels are touring in support of Tomorrow Morning, the finale to a trilogy of recordings (first there was Hombre Lobo in 2009 and last year's End Times) that finds the band hitting their stride long after their initial breakthrough in the mid-'90s.


Eels - "I Like the Way This Is Going"

In honor of this joyous occasion we are giving away a pair of tickets to this show. Just send me an email with the subject "I Really Want Tickets to see the Eels" by 5pm today and I will close my eyes and randomly pick out a winner. Good luck.

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