While there is plenty going on Tonight in Music, there are a couple shows which didn't make the paper this week that we'd be remiss to leave unmentioned. Obviously, there's the Shins (that show was announced at the last minute, which is why it didn't get in the print edition). James Mercer and crew played Eugene on Monday and Bend last night; they premiered at least one new song (here) and did a cover of David Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes" (here), but unless you already have tickets you're probably not getting into the Doug Fir show tonight. Which is why you should consider either of these:

Sample-meisters Javelin released a special 10-inch record for Record Store Day this year, and unlike their dance-friendly debut full-length No Mas, released last year, the 13-track Canyon Candy EP is a conceptual piece, based around the American frontier with heavy cowboy leanings. The result is a splendid, dreamy bit of weirdness in which Western soundtracks and the like are reappropriated into gorgeous concoctions. The track "Estevez" above—with plundered footage from Young Guns—is a good idea of what they came up with. Tonight's show will likely have more of their familiar dance-club beats, but the fantastic Canyon Candy is not to be overlooked, being perfect for campfires, country drives, and the odd peyote trip. Rotture, 315 SE 3rd, opening for Pictureplane, 9 pm, $12

And Frank Fairfield plays tonight as well. Pickathon-goers know him from previous years (although he didn't play at this year's festival, at least not that I knew of). Fairfield seems like he's walked right out of time, playing music that's as old as the ages and looking like a perfectly preserved relic. While it's not an act—Fairfield plays Appalachian folk as authentically as it can be done—it's a little hard to believe he's a twentysomething living in LA. Let's just say he casts a spell, and you believe it. Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi, opening for Sassparilla, 9 pm, $10