Dearest Haters-
Who has been hating on EMA? No, I'm serious, who? As Ezra blogged about earlier this month, grime/gold heartfelt Erika M. Anderson covered Nevermind's "Endless Nameless" for the recent SPIN Magazine's compilation Newermind. I forget, is there some sort of purity involved in Nirvana covers? I'm only asking because Anderson then tweeted into the void:


But for the life of me (and Google) I can't find a single dissenter. Further lack of hate, everyone loves the grainy video Portland's Expiramental Half Hour shot for the song.

EMA seems pretty serious about the spirit of Nirvana's more famous noise offering staying aimless and harshed for antiquity. Do they live up to their pure hearts? Check out that video and get back to me.