You guys, since this video for the Black Cab Sessions featuring a newly reformed Electrelane hit the internets last Friday, I may have watched it 50 times. At first, it was just because Electrelane is one of my favorite groups of the last decade and I'm excited about them ending their two-plus year hiatus, even if it's just to play some live shows over the summer. Then, it was because I was hooked on this acoustic version of "On Parade," an early cut off of 2004's The Power Out, and couldn't get the song out of my head.

Now...Now there's something else, bordering on obsession, something about even the really annoying guy at the beginning that fascinates me. Like, is he being annoying on purpose? What's with the smirk? Why do you smirk, sir?

What should I do about this obsessive behavior? Should I keep watching the video? I'm going to keep watching the video.