Andrew Tonry said he'd break my puppy's legs if I ever stepped on his turf and blogged about Mean Jeans. And trust me, he's not kidding.

But even if it means another trip to the vet, I've still gotta post about Anarchy Beach. This generator show is going down at the-pretty-in-name-only Swan Island this Sunday, August 21. In addition to the Applebee's-obsessed Mean Jeans, the lineup is rounded out by Therapists, Memories, and our new favorite band, Suicide Notes.

Directions and additional details can be found here. Remember, the first rule of Anarchy Beach: no splashing. Also, no horseplay in the water, no swimming 20 minutes after eating, and always use the buddy system.

Come to think of it, there's actually a lot of rules to Anarchy Beach.