The raffish boys of Youthbitch are sounding skeezier than ever. Their new record of pistol-packin' pop, tentatively titled YouthbitchYouthbitchYouthbitchYouthbitchYouthbitch (at least five times better than any self-titled album), was recorded on a four-track with a budget of "three sixpacks and some pizzas," and from what we've heard so far, it's chock-full of songs about rich kids, whorish girlfriends, and enough rock and roll sweat to juice up a slip 'n slide.

Check out "Cool California"—shit sounds like if Mick Jones refused to grow up after Give 'Em Enough Rope. And if you're really hot on this tip, you can catch them tonight when they open for the motherfucking Jon Spencer Blues Explosion at Wonder Ballroom.


Youthbitch - "Cool California"