A while back I brought you the first video, "Forget My Name," off Mattress' new album, Lonely Souls. Now, right before mastermind Rex Marshall is set to release Lonely Souls on cassette, a new video for the semi-title track, "Only Lonely," is turning up the bizarro factor to 11 and setting the stage for Mattress' slightly bent take on electro rock and neo-psychedelic soul.

The album in general plays out like this, with Marshall swirling in repetitive pastiches of tripped out effects and non-linear songwriting. At times the album is tensely brooding, at other times hypnotic and hallucinatory; the strained synths and sonorous vocals occasionally mixing together with an oil/water effect, ensuring Lonely Souls is a record as surreal as it is striking. Officially released tomorrow at a free show at Holocene, Mattress is offering the new cassette and a new 12" El Dorado EP for good measure. Can't make the show? Get the tape here and the vinyl here.