After our crossword puzzle and word jumble contests, it's tempting to make today's Decemberists ticket giveaway something totally different. Perhaps a dramatic feat of strength? Arm wrestling contest? Rope climbing? Tug-of-war match versus Slayer fans?

Eh, all those things require physical work. Let's just do another dumb word thing:

The World's Greatest Decemberists' Anagram Contest™!

As we all know by now, the Decemberists (and Okkervil River and AgesandAges) are at Edgefield this Friday and we want to send you and a guest to this show. To win, use the words from 10 different Decemberists songs to create 10 separate anagrams. Each song must have their own anagram (no combining them or editing the song titles) and bonus points will be rewarded if your submissions are themed. Please show your work. Email me your entries by 2pm today and our all-star panel of esteemed anagramologists will select a winner. Good luck!

Think anagrams are for raga mans? Me too. Just buy your tickets here.