You'll inevitably cross paths with Raf Spielman if you spend more than a moment around the Portland music scene. He co-fronts the Kiwi-influenced garage rock outfit The Woolen Men and plays drums in The Golden Hours. He also runs Eggy Records—a cassette label that has put out releases from local acts such as Archers and Prescription Pills as well as from bands from around the world (we interviewed Spielman in 2010 about running Eggy Records).

Spielman is now set to release his debut solo LP as The Polyps entitled Ants on a Golden Cone via Hello Sunshine (Woodsists' new sub-label). Both tracks below from the new record are slow evolving textural pieces that interlace warbled drones, ebbing noise, strummed acoustic guitar, and soft vocals. The compositions are sonically expansive but also poised and controlled. There's a warmth and calm in this music. It also seems that we're meant to hear these songs in the context of the record—which will also feature a pair of epic 12-plus minute tracks—as both begin to trail into new territory in their final seconds.

Ants on a Golden Cone will be available on October 3rd. You can check out a B-side from the LP at The Polyps Bandcamp page.


The Polyps - "IV"

The Polyps - "II"