Palmist Records, the hot-shit subsidiary of FatCat, is throwing down ace after ace in their ongoing series of split 12-inches, and their latest is no exception. Featuring fresh sets from two up-and-coming Portland acts, Burning Yellows and The Whines, it might not even be a stretch to say that this is their best release yet.

While the two groups don't necessarily have a lot in common besides sharing ties to the same scene, they both have a common love for fuzzy, deconstructed garage pop and the tasteful aesthetics to pull it off. The thing is, for two bands that have made their mark with characteristically shoddy recordings, they're both sounding increasingly slick here, and it's actually a good thing. The Burning Yellows have gotten janglier than ever, with their C86 and Kiwi-pop influences having risen completely to the surface. This is a band that's getting easier and easier to love, with each release putting them into an ever-flattering context. "False Horizons" is a euphoric little merry-go-round and it's got this Chills by way of Shop Assistants vibe to it, with all the pieces in the right places. The Whines are in top form too, with "Electric Current" standing out as one of their most put-together songs to date. For a band known by tracks like "Cut Meat" and "Vacation," The Whines come across as strikingly smooth here, with vocalist Karianne practically cooing over nearly half the song.

You'll want to get a hold of this one fast before it sells out. Each act contributes five new tracks for the split, as you can see on the tracklist below.

1. Blanks
2. Drains
3. Mid Waste
4. Get Out
5. False Horizons

1. Electric Current
2. Belt of Scalps
3. Take Care Of Yourself
4. How To Act
5. About The Sun


Burning Yellows - "False Horizons"

The Whines - "Electric Current"