Golden Retriever's Light Cones is terrifically alien. Released on outsider ambient canon Root Strata, it stands out as their most expansive and lucid album to date. More than just another "spaced out" improvisational noise collaboration, the duo of Matt Carlson and Jonathan Sielaff take their post-minimalist craft ALL the way past the furthest reaches, to where the universe is being ripped apart and born again. Light Cones is an overwhelming sedative malfunction, with Carlson's modular synth blinking at infinite depth of field and Sielaff's distending bass clarinet constantly manipulating the gravity that keeps the whole mass from imploding. It sounds like these two overdosed on a synthesis of sixties minimalist motifs and Terry Riley's Shri Camel. Now they're so far gone, they're never coming back.

Maybe these guys are aliens. Maybe we all are.


Golden Retriever - Light Cones sampler