The Flaming Lips are in town tonight—duh, we already told you that— which means my inbox is sure to be filled with plenty of Wayne Coyne spottings through out the day.

"I saw Wayne floating down the Willamette inside his hamster bubble."
"Dude, I swear Wayne was dressed as Santa Claus outside of the Dancin' Bare. Then again, maybe that was just SantaCon."
"Wayne was at Jackpot Records!!!"

The last one will be true. Coyne will swing by the downtown Jackpot location today at 5pm for the unveiling of the Lips' six-hour (yes, hour) song, "I Found This Star On the Ground." While he won't be there for the entirety of the song—he does have a show to play—you can say hello while you pick up the epic tune and its limited edition "Strobotrip" toy. The song and the (sex?) toy are exclusively available at Jackpot, so don't go looking for them at Warehouse Music, Sam Goody, Tower Records...