Let's talk about The Jesus & Mary Chain. We've been seeing them name-dropped everywhere as of late, most often in connection to some bullshit hype band that's doing everything they can to rip off the Reid brother's skeletal pop aesthetics. But you've actually heard them, right? Listen, it's just not right to lump JAMC in with all the other '80s bands trending at the moment. Equal parts sweet and sour, JAMC laced gummy pop tunes with pealing guitar feedback and Jim Reid's deadpan vocal stylings to achieve a one of a kind sound that is still emulated (albeit unsuccessfully) to this day. In short, they're the original—the real deal. Just such a winning combination.

Oh, you say you've heard them already? And you own "Upside Down" on vinyl? OK, so you probably already pre-ordered the new Psychocandy and Darklands reissue packages. You know, the ones with all the B-sides, outtakes, various archival sessions, interviews, DVD's, and more. It looks like Demon Music Group really went all out for them. I heard they even included the banned track "Jesus Fuck" on there. No joke—way back in the day, the manufacturer actually refused to press it on vinyl due to the song title. Word on the street is that this isn't the last of the reissues, either. Releases of the remaining JAMC LP's will be staggered throughout the fall.

Check out the can't-miss video above to learn some more about the band's not-so-humble beginnings, and stream their first single, "Upside Down" below. For more info, and a really cool, interactive look at the reissues, gimme a click.


The Jesus and Mary Chain - "Upside Down"