(Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison) Montreal pop zealots Braids (lose the "S" and they become the best Midwest emo band of the '90s) headline this stellar lineup of three diverse yet oddly similar acts that are unafraid to let their artistic vision bleed into their music. On Native Speaker, Braids open up a rabbit hole of swirling melodic synth numbers that could liquify a glacier with the wondrously warm vocal delivery of frontwoman Raphaelle Standell-Preston. Pepper Rabbit's adventurous sound is rooted firmly in folk music, sounding like the Shins might have had they not given up a few years back (sorry, but you know it's true). With invigorating, high-energy arrangements, Painted Palms just might be the best of the bunch—which is saying a lot—as their debut EP, Canopy, channels all the good of Passion Pit (addictive candy-coated electro pop) and none of the bad (that damn helium voice). With a lineup this impressive, it'll be worth your while to come early and stay late. EZRA ACE CARAEFF

(Rotture, 315 SE 3rd) Fake Four Inc., the label helmed by Ceschi Ramos with his brother David, is a genre-bending collective with a lineage that extends from, and expands beyond, the Anticon school of thought. With a hiphop ethos as the jump-off, Fake Four Inc. releases have varied from the folk-electronic Cars & Trains to the morose goth-hop of Dark Time Sunshine. In his current musical incarnation, Ramos plays solo with an acoustic guitar and laptop, emceeing as Ceschi with a commanding delivery that sounds like Everlast on mushrooms jamming with Little Wings. RickoLus is a solo endeavor that eludes genre categorization, although the work of one Richard J. Colado is the most melodic option of the night, and his releases come courtesy of local label Circle into Square. Japanese emcee Kaigen is a kinetic performer with top-tier global connections, while Southeast Portland's own Hives Inquiry Squad bring it all back home again. RYAN FEIGH