Hold on, let me take out my Daytrotter Mad Libs template...

Recently __________ (Portland band) stopped by Daytrotter's studio in Rock Island, IL to record this __________ (a number) song session that sounds ___________ (any adjective, but you'll probably just use the word "awesome").

Answer key:

It's true. The big-in-size-bigger-in-sound Typhoon crew recently did the Daytrotter thing and now you can download the entire set right here. Get clicking.


Typhoon - "Common Sentiment" (live at Daytrotter)

Also, the band is about to embark on new slate of tour dates (with Youth and Wild Ones supporting) and have made a wet T-shirt party video (after the jump) to celebrate this fact. 13 band members and 27 nipples? Someone's not telling me something here.