I'm just gonna be honest here: I have no idea what tragedy has befallen the folks at Yahmill House so I'm just going to assume it's something worthy (not like, say, a fundraiser for fake tits or some godawful No New Taxes pledge). If you know, share in the comments below.

But regardless of whether or not it's for a good cause, this show is bound to be a goddamn pizza party good time. There's little more I can say about these bands you don't already know. The Mean Jeans are Portland's Best Party Band. White Fang's shreds with a smile and Guantanamo Baywatch shoves surf twang in front of the funhouse mirror. It's simple: you know 'em, you love 'em, so what the fuck are you waiting for?

Go to this show. Bring money. Make a donation at the door. Dance around. Buy some raffle tickets. Spray beer in the air. Win records and pizza. Sing a long with the Jeans. Really, you can't go wrong here.

TONIGHT: Benefit for the Ladies and Gentlemen of Yamhill House w/ Mean Jeans, White Fang, Guantanamo Baywatch @ East End - 9PM - Donation

Raffle Prizes have been donated by Hammy's Pizza, Virginia Cafe, East End, Slappy Cakes, Exiled Records, art by Vo Minh and more. Fucking awesome.