First of all, watch this NSFW trailer to the upcoming award winning documentary Beyond This Place, featuring a hippie dad, a conflicted son, and about 500 miles of Pacific Northwest biking.

Now, take note on the part of the trailer that said music by Sufjan Stevens and Ray Raposa (of Castanets), because both musicians will be performing the score for this film live when it screens next month at the Hollywood Theater in Portland.

Now, just let that sink in.

Taking the film to three cities across the country, Beyond This Place director/conflicted son Kaleo La Belle will be joined by both Stevens and Raposa when he brings his documentary to town November 3rd. In addition to the usual Q & A these kinds of screenings get, both artists will be performing the score live. This is your basic once in a lifetime kind of show, so I'm letting you know now in case you want to get in on it. Check out tickets here, and the movie's website here.