I recall a time from my preadolescence when I was absolutely stupefied by all the fantastical figures my science teacher would throw out at our class. Stuff like how Jupiter is large enough to contain 13,000 Earths. That Saturn is so lightweight it could float in water. Or that the sunlight now hitting the Earth is over 30,000 years old. These things just seemed... impossible. It almost hurt to think about them. To this date, I am still easily lost in wonderment when I lay in bed and ponder the immense beauty and power of our universe.

Sean McCann's Open Resolve takes me there. As in, it explodes my stargazing inner child and puts him back together again. I can see myself falling backwards off the edge of a square, spark-wire planet, hurtling endlessly into the great oblivion. Normally, I would go on and on about Sun Ra, Burning Star Core, and symphonic free-jazz drone, but when talking about music of this caliber, sometimes it just feels right to share the way it makes you feel.

Open Resolve was originally dubbed to cassette by Stunned Records, but sold out immediately due to its small edition of only 111 copies. Thanks to the people at Orange Milk, the record has been reproduced on vinyl and is available for immediate purchase.


Sean McCann - "Scapula"

Sean McCann - "Pass Away"