Rather than read my boring description, get word straight from the source: watch the Mean Jeans describe their pay-what-you-want collection, Unbelievably Twisted:

While it's not quite the new album I've been waiting for, the Jeans have come with a little something to tide us over. Their doing a Kickstarter-like campaign, except with this one 50% of proceeds will go to benefit the International Myeloma Foundation. Make a donation—or not, it's pay what you want—and download a pack of 7"'s and other previously unreleased tunes including live staples like "DUI Checkpoint," "Stoned to the Bone," and "What the Fuck is a 401K?" Plus, if they they hit their goal of $500, which seems very likely as, a day in, they're already over halway, the dudes have promised to record a reggae version of one of their songs. My vote for re-interpretation goes to "Steve Don't Party No More."

Otherwise, you ought to be following the Jeans on twitter, where you'll be treated to gems like these on the reg: