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Oh, calm down. That headline isn't exactly what it sounds like.

St. Even (the recording project of Portlander Steven Hefter—get it? Steven/St. Even?) is known for gentle but unsettled folk. His last record, Spirit Animal, was marked by acoustic guitars and a light, dusty bluegrass tone. Which makes St. Even's brand-new song all the stranger: It's a bouncy, synth-riddled, unabashed pop song called—yes—"Having Sex." It's a duet with Jenn Wasner from Wye Oak and according to Hefter, it was written on a dare: "“I told my ex-girlfriend it was one of the worst phrases you could use in a song and she suggested I write one with that title.”

I can think of some far worse phrases, if you'll permit me: Bumping fuzzies. Doing the nast-tastic. Shucking the corn cob. Calling upon the reverend for afternoon tea.

I'll stop.


St. Even & Jenn Wasner - "Having Sex"