It's probably about time you got up to date with new periphery label Orange Milk Records. Last week we spotlighted their most recent release, Sean McCann's Open Resolve, and we really didn't imagine it could get any better than that. But after test-driving their stacked list of recent and upcoming releases, we were proven wrong. Good thing, too. Now you get to reap the benefits of our cherry-picking, because we're cluing you in on some of the best sounds from an experimental label that's jumped quickly (and quietly) to the front of the pack.

Click the jump to look and listen, and read what Orange Milk has to say about some of these records.


Giant Claw - Midnight Murder
"Giant Claw makes music that sounds like the soundtrack to a dystopian children’s book published in 1981. This album is a real wonderland of synthesized sound. A beautiful and creepy homage to early electronic music." If you're into this one, you NEED to go after his newest release Tunnel Mind immediately.


Sundrips - One Hundred Hints
"A new piece of dark guitar and synthesizer moans and sequences from modern masters Sundrips. Ryan and Nick at their most rich and deep and heavy!"


Piper Spray - Omnicron Girls
"Russia's Piper Spray gives us bizarre electronic pop. This is experimental stuff when it works on an established and trodden musical realm and subverts from within."


Sean McCann - Open Resolve
"The album solidifies Sean's hold on both the ethereal world of drone and the ever-deepening world of analog synthesizers. It has the ability to sound harrowing and sublime, often within the space of a single track, and its McCann's craftsmanship that weaves shimmering worlds of noise together to feel like worlds made of glass and wire." -Altered Zones

Stay tuned for more from this up and coming label, with more releases on the way from Caboladies, La Big Vic, Mark Dwinnel, and Portland's own Weather Exposed Skeleton Music.