Whoa, have you guys seen this yet? It seems Annie Clark—that's St. Vincent to you, pal—stopped by Greenpoint's Shangri-La Studio and taped a phenomenal four-song session with her label, 4AD. The videos from the bout have been parading around the internet all morning, but it's far too good to not post here, just in case End Hits is the ONLY BLOG YOU READ. (Okay, fine, that's a ridiculous assumption; just in case End Hits and BroBible.com are the only blogs you read.)

Below is the video for "Surgeon," off St. Vincent's recently-released and very fantastic third album, Strange Mercy (which I unabashedly spouted off about a couple weeks ago). It's a dramatic clip—especially with Clark's heavily-painted and contorting face projected behind her at 100x the size— but it fits the song (and truly, the whole mood of the album) quite well. WATCH IT NOW.

To watch the rest of this session, and for more from 4AD, head here.