"Slow Walkers, meditations for the zombie as cultural phenomena, waking in 2012..."

This is the lone description of a surprisingly (perhaps fortuitously) Halloween-appropriate multimedia collaboration between Grouper (Liz Harris) and Australian media artist and composer Lawrence English. Harris and English have much in common. They are both prolific producers of gorgeous ambient pop music (check out English's label: Room40). They both create visual art through cross-medium experiments with video, sound, and illustration. And I guess they're both interested in zombies. Slow Walkers will eventually yield an album, video installations and a live audio-visual concert.

"Wake" is the first glimpse we have of this project. The completely instrumental composition (i.e., no vocals) quivers glacially inside a dark, static chord. Although its movements are slow, the noise builds to a loud crowning point towards the end of the piece right before the sound dissolves and fades away. They achieve an eerie, almost sinister, effect in pairing this music with the lo-fi zombie video.

For those who would rather watch a couple of people twist knobs, here's a video of English and Harris performing "Wake" live in London: