The ne'er-do-wells over at local tape culture collective Gnar Tapes are offering up their second compilation cassette Gnarcotics Unanimous, and as the title implies, it's addictive as all get out. Let's start with the sheer amount of tracks on this bold bad boy. Ten? Twenty? Nah—the Gnar kids have compiled a whopping 34 tracks of pay-what-you-want pleasure.

It's full of hits and shits, and comprised entirely of unreleased material by the likes of R. Stevie Moore, the Woolen Men, Hive Dwellers, Jovontaes, and many more. You know, a 34-track cassette compilation could have been a real fucking nightmare to get through, but this one is well curated without ever taking itself too seriously. Kudos to Gage and Co. for putting together a fun listen with a little something for everybody. Stay tuned as we follow the label and their impressive string of upcoming releases, including Cool Angels, R. Stevie Moore, a Fat Tony cassingle featuring Bun B, and an excess of albums from local Portland bands.