The other day I received a mysterious e-mail from a new Portland group calling themselves Grapefruit. The message's lone descriptive sentence started off by alluding to the band's "cosmic jams," which would have turned me off stone cold, had it not been that the writer immediately followed by mentioning Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre.

Turns out these are cosmic jams of the best kind. Stark and heavily sequenced, without stepping on its own toes, Grapefruit is a huge breath of fresh air from the heavy-handed excesses of modern experimental music. Fans of Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, and Wendy Carlos, take note: Grapefruit condense synthesizer music to its most basic elements, stripping it of unnecessary dross and speaking volumes without the volume. But who is Grapefruit, anyway? Hopefully we'll know more soon, but until then, the mystery is part of the pleasure.


Grapefruit - "Phase Accidents"