Today in "news I don't know how to feel about," Burgerville is launching a record label. Now, the fact that a local fast food chain is deciding to jump on the label bandwagon is not what's giving me the moral complications. I mean, eventually, everyone will have a label anyways. But, it's Burgerville Record's choice for their first release that gave me pause. At first I thought the title was a promotional tie-in with the company's delicious milkshakes, but it seems that The Shakers' Sessions is actually a benefit album...for Parkinson's Disease patients.

All right, all right. Now that you either feel like a horrible person for laughing at that or offended that I brought it up, let's get the story straight. The Shakers' Sessions is specifically a benefit through the Brian Grant Foundation, a non-profit organization started by former Trailblazer and now Portland resident Brian Grant, and the album features songs written by Portland musician, and Parkinson's patient, Rob Barteletti. So, it's all for a very good cause and sounds like a really great compilation of Americana and roots rock with Barteletti and a variety of other local artists, I get all that. But, really, The Shakers' Sessions? Good luck ordering that without sounding awful when the album goes on sale exclusively at Burgerville locations starting November 15.