Mark your calendars, Apes enthusiasts (no, Jane Goodall... not those kind of apes). On November 17th, Portland's only all-cassette label* Apes Tapes—as manned by Radiation City's Cameron Spies and Lizzy Ellison—will celebrate their one year anniversary with a special celebration at Holocene. Come out and praise them for their ingenuity in completing the tasks of winding and rewinding, their ability to navigate through webs of magnetic tape, and their great addition to the ever-textured Portland music scene. Also, this show will be your first chance to get your grubby hands (which evolved from primates, no less), on their latest release, Mixed Ape 3. It's a super fun compilation featuring 16 local artists, including: Adventures! With Might, Vanimal, dopebeds, Onuinu, Pegasus Dream, Queen Leaf (formerly Housefire), Rico All The Time, Summer Ono, XDS, Grandparents, Death Songs, Aan, Youth, And And And, Support Force, and The Tomorrow People. Methinks it's high time to fix that broken cassette player in your car, or invest in one of these... stat.

Here is the line-up for the show:
Adventures! With Might
Vanimal (reunion performance!)
Pegasus Dream

Not to mention that the press release boasts a mini set by three surprise bands AND a surprise guest DJ. YOU LOVE SURPRISES!

And lastly, a fantastic track from the compilation to get you primed:

Pegasus Dream- "In Absentia"

The show starts at 8:30, and the first 25 people through the door get a special limited-edition screen printed tote bag filled with free music and other goodies, so no monkeying around (I hate me as much as you hate me, I promise): get there early.

*Thanks to John Rau for pointing out Portland's many other fine cassette labels, including Eggy Tapes and Stunned Records.—Ed.