So, I just dosed off to "Nothing is the News," a fantastic new Damien Jurado song. It was more of a shamanistic trance—there is certainly nothing boring about this track—so obviously, I dreamed vividly of chasing my spirit animal through the high desert. I'm pretty sure it was a jackrabbit, but with a curly mop of hair that vaguely resembles Richard Swift's coiffure. I wouldn't be surprised if something similar happens to you when you listen; hopefully, you're already listening, immersed in some astral coma and no longer subjecting yourself to this miserable babbling of mine...

Damien Jurado- "Nothing is the News"

Seriously, though: between last year's excellent Saint Bartlett—the first signs of collaboration between Jurado and Swift—and the joyful look on Jurado's characteristically-long face when he got up to sing and play tambourine for Swift's set in the Pickathon barn, it's clear that together, the two are reviving any dormant power lines that have been lying just beneath the surface of Jurado and his music. Which is why it's exciting to hear that their next project, Maraqopa—which was also recorded in Swift's studio in Cottage Grove, OR—will be available for public consumption on February 17th via Secretly Canadian. There is also a release show scheduled in Seattle on that date; HOPEFULLY (fingers crossed, please) it won't be long before a Portland date is announced.

For now, here is the album's track list. Not that it does all that much to curb the wait, but I guess you can read it and try to imagine what other fantastical—THAT'S RIGHT I said fantastical—sounds are in store.
1. “Nothing is the News”
2. “Life Away from the Garden”
3. “Maraqopa”
4. “This Time Next Year”
5. “Reel to Reel”
6. “Working Titles”
7. “Everyone a Star”
8. “So On, Nevada”
9. “Museum of Flight”
10. “Mountains Still Asleep”