The psyched-out sounds that define Portland's Sun Angle have been steadily evolving over the course of the last year. The diffusive combination of longtime locals Charlie Salas Humara (Panther), Papi Fimbres (paper-upper-cuts), and Marius Libman (Copy) have lead to an improv- and effects-laden trip through cracked coastal rhythms and dynamically visceral experimentation.

Coming off their impressive self-titled debut EP, released two weeks ago, the band has been busy bringing their bent and wildly celebratory style around town, culminating in next week's Into the Woods Fall Party at Mississippi Studios on Sunday, November 27, alongside other favorites Hosannas and Log Across the Washer. Expect new videos and some of the most festive face shredding of the season.

We got the chance to shoot a couple of questions over to the band about what's led them up to now, and where they're headed from here. Check 'em out after the jump and then take a listen to the EP's opening track, "Timesnakes."

END HITS: How did the three of you come together to form Sun Angle?

Charles Salas-Humara: Sun Angle came together because Andy Parker and I played a crazy show at Valentine's for fun, but then asked Papi to play timbales and flute too. I asked Marius to play bass because he can play super fast and has a three-foot bong! Andy quit in order to fulfill his duties being in Wild Ones and Quarterflash session work.

How does Sun Angle differ from previous musical projects you've been involved with?

Salas-Humara: Sun Angle is great because although the songs are written, there is a bunch of improv and we are all playing beyond our abilities at times, which for me can be elating. We play with delay and use it as texture, creating a ton of dimensions within the limit of whatever
keys we are in.

Given that the band is relatively new, what was the inspiration for your sound?

Papi Fimbres: Inspiration comes from everywhere, but really the tropical sounds of coasts across the world really digs deep into our dome-glomes.

What was the one day recording session like for the new EP?

Fimbres: The one day recording session was a fucking raucous! We finished a fifth of burbon, puffed tuff, and played all the tracks as fast as we could!

What's the new Into the Woods video going to look like?

Fimbres: The Into the Woods thing was an ultra last minute deal. We originally wanted to do it in the forest and straight trip out, but the weather was kinda whack. So we decided to do a house show. We really wanted it to look completely different, so we asked a bunch of homies to roll out, put on some animal masks, drink a bunch of booze, get high and dance their ass off! And it ruled.

How does the upcoming year look for Sun Angle? What can we expect?

Salas-Humara: We just got a booking agency (Self Group) and we are talking to labels, doing a couple little jaunts, planning on a European tour and recording another album!!!

Timesnakes by sun angle