Observe your breath and exhale. As you assume your relaxation pose, release the heaviness of your body into the earth below. Absorb its contour, and close your eyes. You are free of temperature. Blood flows evenly through your veins. Relax your jaw, and your ears. Energy is expelling from the top of your spine. You are breathing slowly, fully, deeply. Allow the music to flow into your body and carress your soul. You are one with the universe. Gently massage your eyelids and open them slowly. Observe your breath and exhale.


Japanese electronic music trailblazer Ryuichi Sakamoto recorded 24 improvisational compositions for piano, one in each key of the western tonal system. He then sent them to longtime collaborator and soundscaping guitarist Christian Fennesz, who saturated them heavily with synths, guitars, and digital reverb. Having not seen each other throughout the record's inception, the two finally met in New York to mix and complete the collection.

The resulting double-disc release Flumina is out December 6 on Touch.


Fennesz & Sakamoto - "0324"