Another week, another Mercury music section to ignore as you wonder how in the hell you're going to find time to listen to 130 Fugazi live shows.

Lia Ices' gorgeous record Grown Unknown contains graceful songwriting, immaculate arrangements, a song about a woman turning into a laurel tree, and an appearance from some young upstart whom the Grammy committee has plucked out the wild, giving the first-timer some much needed exposure. The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences is so cutting edge.

Lia Ices (ft. Bon Iver) - "Daphne"

Jeffrey Lewis is either the next Woody Allen or the next Jonathan Richman. Or maybe he's just the next Jeffrey Lewis. Whichever way, his latest record A Turn in the Dream-Songs is his finest work to date.

Jeffrey Lewis - "Cult Boyfriend"

We're a little alarmed by how much we love Laura Veirs' new record, Tumble Bee—it's ostensibly for children, after all. Anyway, we sent a child to do a grownup's job, and had a four-year-old interview Veirs for the paper. He proved himself to be a better journalist than anyone on Mercury staff, so if you need us, we'll be playing in the corner with safety scissors and sparkle paint.

Laura Veirs - "Prairie Lullaby"

Plus plenty of Up & Comings for you to pore over.