Nationale has truly exponentially surpassed the expectations of your average shop. What began as a way for native Frenchwoman May Juliette Barruel to share the little things she missed from home—soaps, candies, those weird little pieces of paper that smell nice when you burn them—has blossomed into a hub for visual and performance art, hard-to-find, and/or highly curated literature and music, tasteful independent design, plus all the delightful imports that stoked our Francophilic urges in the first place.

Barruel's baby is coming up on its third birthday, and she is extending her over-achievement to the celebration—big time. Scout Niblett, Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner, and Tom Greenwood (Jackie O Motherfucker) are all set to perform, plus DJ Hostile Tapeover, Alicia McDaid, DJ Sleep Less, and a Free Advice™ booth manned by Nationale regular Jenn Armbrust. Save the date for January 25 at Holocene, and in the meantime you can stop by the shop tonight as late as 8 pm for last-minute shopping (best. stocking. stuffers. ever.) Plus, we hear there will be sandwiches.