We asked dozens and dozens of folks from the Portland music scene about their favorite song, show, or musical moment of the year, and they came back with plenty of answers. So every day this week, we're sharing those answers with you, in our look back on a busy year of great music. (And hey, leave your favorite song, show, or musical moment in the comments!)

Today's musical moments come from Tyler Keene, Sara Lund, Matt Caldwell, Will West, Lisa Schonberg, Scoot Magee, Guantanamo Baywatch, Aris Wales, Luck-One, Erik Abel, Mary Brabec, Rachel Demy, Robert Ham, Peter Vaughan Shaver, Rob Taxpayer, Cloudy October, Mistina La Fave, Joan Hiller, and Jared Mees. Click through the jump to read 'em all!

Archers performing "Door to All Marvels" for Into the Woods’ Feels Like Home series. Watching the energy between those five incredibly talented guys is a thing of beauty.
Tyler Keene (Log Across the Washer)

Group Doueh at Mississippi Studios—favorite moment: when the witchy lady got up on stage to dance with them and someone who I'm going to pretend is her son ran up to the stage to try to get her off.
—Sara Lund (Hungry Ghost, The Corin Tucker Band)

Seeing Paul Simon at the Santa Barbara Bowl.
—Matt Caldwell (End Hits)

Camping for three nights on Pendarvis Farm for Pickathon in August 2011. It was our third year volunteering and enjoying the vibes. The entire weekend was fantastic.

Another really cool moment was catching back to back appearance by local bands Typhoon and Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside on Late Show with David Letterman. Cheers to Portland Music!
—Will West (Will West and the Friendly Strangers)

My favorite musical moment of this year: Getting to perform a set with E*Rock and TJO in the middle of the desert in Joshua Tree in a structure built by local designers Von Tundra.
—Lisa Schonberg (The Secret Drum Band)

My favorite musical moment was the entire weekend I spent having my blown mind beyond all comprehension at Pickathon 2011. Lee Fields, Future Islands, Mavis Staples, Richard Swift, Bill Callahan, and many other bands/performers were absolutely incredible.
—Scott Magee (DJ Cooky Parker/Y La Bamba/Monarques/Nick Jaina)

Uh Jason had an epic fart on tour in March that no one can stop talking about.
—Guantanamo Baywatch

Metallica and Lou Reed jump the shark with their album Lulu, successfully alienating both of their fan bases and anyone who considers listening to music to be an enjoyable pastime. Thanks, guys!
—Aris Wales (Portland Mercury)

I gotta say my favorite moment would have to be when Rick Ross recreated the exact same song, three times (Tupac Back, 9 Piece, and BMF) sent them all to radio, and everybody called it creative. Genius.

Stage diving while performing with Animal Farm at the Hawthorne Theater.
—Erik Abel (Gen.Erik/Animal Farm)

Bon Iver closing down McMenamins'/Monqui’s Edgefield summer 2011 series.
—Mary Brabec (Billions)

It's a tie between:
• catching Josh Freese's sweaty Devo t-shirt on a night when I couldn't afford merchandise.
• watching James Mercer & Co. cover Pink Floyd's "Breathe" on the Jimmy Fallon show with Nick Mason as the guest of honor.
—Rachel Demy (tour manager)

Shocking to think that this happened almost 12 months ago, but it was hard to beat watching the amazing Ethiopian vocalist Mahmoud Ahmed sing "Happy Birthday" to Tres Shannon. On that night, he was the luckiest man in the city.
—Robert Ham (freelance writer)

Show: Mavis Staples at Pickathon
Moment: Kelli Schaefer at PDX POP NOW (Shovel solo on a rock!)
Song: Decemberists doing R.E.M. better than R.E.M.
—Peter Vaughan Shaver (Sound Advice)

The moment the cops broke up the punk show at the Alpine II Laundromat by unplugging everyone's instruments, and everyone there broke into an impromptu a capella version of "We Are the Champions"!
—Rob Taxpayer (The Taxpayers/Useless State Records)

Edan at Someday Lounge was definitely the best show I seen this year. Great sound at this place, he's definitely one of the best in the opinion of myself and my colleagues.
—Cloudy October

My two favorite musical moments of 2011—seeing OMD and Wire live and being blown away by their energetic performances. I admire their sincerity and longevity, it was very inspiring.
—Mistina La Fave (The Prids)

Favorite musical moment of '11: Playing the three shows Dave Depper's Ram Project got to do—and hearing my voice on vinyl for the first time.
—Joan Hiller (Riot Act Media)

Favorite musical moment: 13 members of Typhoon in corpse paint and Druid robes playing a sold out Ike Box in Salem.
— Jared Mees (Tender Loving Empire/Jared Mees and the Grown Children)

[Immediately upon reading this, I shot Jared an email asking, "Whoa, did that happen?" His response: "Yup! I didn't add in the part where they had a 25 minute technical difficulty that they also had to figure out in the same corpse paint and druid robes... thought that kinda would ruin the effect... heh."]