(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) Portland two-piece Bear & Moose had no problem gathering material for their debut Bear/Moose, a double LP brimming with shimmering guitars and loads of sugarcoated harmonies and hooks. Their direct influences aren't obvious; these two chaps simply go with time-honored pop songcraft in the spirit of American blues, British Invasion rock, and Kiwi pop. Bear & Moose cover a lot of emotional terrain over the course of two records and aren't afraid to get their ya-yas out, especially live. Tonight's performance is to celebrate the release of Bear/Moose. Rounding out the bill are locals Pigeons and Mike Coykendall. Guaranteed to rock, pop, and roll. MARK LORE


(Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison) By all accounts, Buddy Holly was the squeakiest-of-clean nice guys. You can hear it in his music: that innocence, which he didn't live long enough to outgrow. The world has become a lot more debauched in the last half century, but that doesn't mean there's no place for rockabilly, especially when it's still being reinvented by the likes of Monarques. Make no mistake: They aren't a cover band or a vintage throwback, and, thank god, they aren't ironic. Monarques' music is jangly and feel good, but it may also have a drug problem. Or possibly a sex addiction. They play alongside Houndstooth, another local band seemingly assembled as an antidote to Willamette Valley vitamin-D deficiency. Headed by Katie Bernstein, they sound like a warm day at the beach—but you really should keep your shoes on, because there might be broken glass or needles. REBECCA WILSON