Over the last few months, Alex Hall and Emil Amos, two parts of Portland's Grails, have been working together on a different sort of musical venture. Heavy on production and shrouded in secrecy, the moody music of Lilacs & Champagne is now starting to find it's way into the world, and today Stereogum premiered the first official video from the project.

The video for "Everywhere, Everyone" is culled from decades of horror film archives and the grainy images only add to the duo's ultra-creepy atmospheres. It's not the kind of video you want to find in your attic or anything. It's downright unsettling, and some of the images might be considered NSFW. Still, it's a fascinatingly dark introduction to Lilacs & Champagne, one that has me very interested in what they'll unveil with their self-titled debut record, out 1/31 on Mexican Summer.